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Tips to help you stay safe, make your candles last longer, and reuse or recycle your candle jars when they're done

​Candle Burning:

  • Always burn within sight

  • Do not burn longer than 5 hours at a time

  • For the first lighting of your soy candle please allow 2-3 hours of burning, as soy wax has a memory and the time will allow the wax to fully melt, increasing the scent throw

  • Our 7.5 ounce candles will fill up a small room, and we recommend them for bathrooms, bedrooms, or kitchens

  • Our 14 ounce candles will fill up large rooms or living spaces (approximately 240 square feet)

Cleanliness: ​

  • The best way to extinguish candles is with a wick dipper tool, which will prevent excess smoke or soot buildup

  • Keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch prior to each use (we recommend using a wick trimmer), and re-trim if the candle burns for longer than 4 hours

  • Keep burn time to 3-4 hours to prevent soot buildup. Any flame may produce soot, however our soy wax candles create less soot than paraffin wax candles.

  • The wick may need to be centered after use, as a sideways wick can result in uneven burning patterns in the wax

  • Drafts or temperature change can also cause uneven burning patterns

  • Spills may be cleaned up with hot, soapy water



  • Never move or touch the candle while melted or lit, as the glass may have become hot while burning

  • Allow enough air circulation in room to carry scent throw but keep away from drafts.

  • If the flame smokes or becomes too high, you may need to trim the wick. Simply trim to 1/4 inch, relight, and enjoy. ​

  • Keep flame away from pets, children, furniture and drafts

  • Discontinue candle when 1/2" remains

To dispose of Fiamma Naturals candles, please allow the candle to cool completely and wipe out any remaining wax. Do NOT dispose of wax in the sink. Clean jars with hot, soapy water, and RECYCLE and/or REUSE.​​​


Please remember, Fiamma Naturals jars and product boxes are recyclable!


Stop by the Claremont Farmer's Market during one of our Market Dates and get a recycling program card! For every 10 Fiamma jars you bring back to us, we'll give you a candle for free! 

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